Beggar and Money


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Beggar noun – A person who lives by public begging.
Money is an antonym for beggar.
Nearby Words: beggared, beggarly, begging, beggary, beggaring


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Money noun – A wealthy person.
Usage example: she had always planned to marry money

Beggar is an antonym for money.
Nearby Words: moneyless, moneyed, monetary
Antonyms for Money
Similar words of beggar
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Similar words of money
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How words are described

dirty dirty beggar dirty money
actual actual beggar actual money
black black beggar black money
mad mad beggar mad money
Other adjectives: local.

Both words in one sentence

  • Beggar with a Signboard Instead of traditional begging for some change, the beggar uses his signboard to try to offer some sort of services in exchange for (most often) food or money.
  • Beggar with a Signboard In Dredd, Dredd and Anderson encounter a beggar holding a sign saying "Will debase self for money."
  • After that, your only use of money is going to be on the occasional beggar, arcade, or slot machine.
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