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Begin verb – To take the first step in (a process or course of action).
Usage example: she began walking to work for exercise

Close is an antonym for begin in start topic.
Nearby Word: beginning
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Close verb – To bring (an event) to a natural or appropriate stopping point.
Usage example: we'll close the assembly with the singing of our national anthem

Begin is an antonym for close in topics: end, complete, obstruct, join.
Nearby Words: closed, closeness, closing, closely, closure
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Common collocations

life begin life close life
sequence begin sequence close sequence
show begin show close show
episode begin episode close episode
Other nouns: time, way, game, fight, investigation, assault, conversation.

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / National Football League When he finally did begin to play, he was middling-at-best, abysmal at worst, and certainly nowhere close to the player he was in college.
  • Video Game / Crescent Pale Mist Power Glows: When Yunou uses special moves that builds up her CP gauge like Rowanveld, Yunou will begin to glow in a blue aura once it hits close to her CP Limit, then changes to red when her CP is dangerously close to her CP Limit.
  • Film / Krai Shocked by the horrors of war, they begin to draw away from their fellow humans and instead become close to their trains, giving them names and racing them.
    Source: Film / Krai
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