Beginning and Close


Beginning noun - The point at which something begins.
Usage example: the actual beginning of the universe is still under debate, with some scientists continuing to uphold the big bang theory

Close is an antonym for beginning in start of an event or action topic.

Nearby Words: begin, beginner


Close noun - The last part of a process or action.
Usage example: managed to conduct the negotiations to a satisfactory close

Beginning is an antonym for close in ending topic.

Nearby Words: closed, closeness, closing, closely, closure

How words are described

good good beginning good close
full full beginning full close
exact exact beginning exact close
brief brief beginning brief close
Other adjectives: perfect, many, proper, actual, real, great, final, last, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Space Elves At the beginning of the book they come close to becoming a dying race when, at the beginning of the book, their home world is rendered uninhabitable by the Ain, their Dark Elf counterparts.
    Source: Space Elves
  • Just watch the ending of the music video with the close up on his demonic face, combined with his "this is not an occult video" message at the beginning.
  • While it stays close to the movie for the most part, Jaws (here The Voiceless again) is missing from the freefall scene at the beginning and the waterfall chase, and he doesn't have a girlfriend.
    Source: Novelization
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