Beginning and Result


Beginning noun - The point at which something begins.

Result is an antonym for beginning in topics: origin, end, start of an event or action.

Nearby Words: begin, beginner


Result noun - A condition or occurrence traceable to a cause.

Beginning is an antonym for result in topics: consequence, reason, effect brought about by something.

Nearby Words: resultant, resulting, resulted

How words are described

good good beginning good result
exact exact beginning exact result
similar similar beginning similar result
specific specific beginning specific result
Other adjectives: positive, original, many, true, logical, actual, real, successful, final, different, magical.

Both words in one sentence

  • An alternate result to Kim and Bonnie's exchange in the beginning of ”Number One”.
  • In fact, this happened at the end/beginning of every season: one threat would be destroyed, only to make room for a new threat, sometimes as a direct result of destroying the first enemy.
  • Literature / Venus Prime The Ophelia: Sparta at the beginning of the series is a barely-coherent mess, the result of the Free Spirit's machinations.
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