Behave and Carry


Behave verb - To manage the actions of (oneself) in a particular way.
Usage example: if the children behave themselves properly and sit quietly during church, they'll get their ice cream afterward

Carry is a synonym for behave in be topic. In some cases you can use "Carry" instead a verb "Behave". popular alternative

Nearby Words: behavior, behaving


Carry verb - To manage the actions of (oneself) in a particular way.
Usage example: during that difficult time the grieving parents carried themselves with unfailing grace and dignity

Behave is a synonym for carry in act topic. You can use "Behave" instead a verb "Carry", if it concerns topics such as be. popular alternative

Nearby Words: carriage, carried, carrier, carrying, carri

Common collocations

children behave children carry children
time behave time carry time
way behave way carry way
weapons behave weapons carry weapons

Both words in one sentence

  • Civilized Animal They definitely still behave like animals in some respects, but they wear armor, carry tiny spears, and generally act 'civilized' throughout the 300-line poem.
  • Video Game / Max Payne For the enemy, however, shotguns behave more realistically and can inflict heavy damage even at long range, making them the most dangerous gun for mooks to carry.
  • The ghosts of ordinary people are able to behave intelligently and carry out reasonably rational tasks and conversations, and the celebrity spirits have ascended to almost godlike powers.
    Source: Ghostly Goals
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