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Behind adjective – Not arriving, occurring, or settled at the due, usual, or proper time.
In front of is an antonym for behind in after topic.
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In front of

Defintions of In front of not found.
Behind is an antonym for in front of in earlier than topic.
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Both terms in one sentence

  • Stealth Hi/Bye Storm Hawks: In the penultimate episode, Cyclonis does this a few times with Piper, popping up in front of/behind her.
  • The Door Slams You Faust from Guilty Gear weaponizes this with one of his special attacks, which has him disappear, then emerge from a door that suddenly appears in front of/behind his opponent.
  • Useful Notes / The American Civil War The difference was that now soldiers were digging trenches without a fortress behind or in front of them.
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