Behind and Seat


Behind noun - The part of the body upon which someone sits.
Usage example: cleaned the baby's behind

Seat is a synonym for behind in bottom topic. In some cases you can use "Seat" instead a noun "Behind", when it comes to topics like buttocks, over. popular alternative


Seat noun - The part of the body upon which someone sits.
Usage example: fell down on his well-padded seat

Behind is a synonym for seat in bottom topic. You can use "Behind" instead a noun "Seat", if it concerns topics such as buttocks, over, rear end of animate being. popular alternative

Nearby Words: seating, seated

How words are described

safe safe behind safe seat
front front behind front seat
big big behind big seat
new new behind new seat
Other adjectives: falling, former, next.

Both words in one sentence

  • Web Video / The Joker Blogs Arkham says no and that "hopefully the worst is behind us." When he says this, Joker is behind him in the back seat, gun to Arkham's neck.
  • Series / Necessary Roughness Stealth Hi/Bye: Nico does the "Hi" part to Dani constantly, seeming to materialize right behind her, even in the back seat of her car.
  • The Worst Seat in the House In "The Homer They Fall," Marge's seat for Homer's big boxing match was directly behind a pillar, so she couldn't see anything.
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