Benefactor and Supporter


Benefactor noun - One that helps another with gifts or money.
Usage example: an anonymous benefactor gave the school a dozen new computers
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Synonyms for Benefactor

Supporter is a synonym for benefactor in help topic. In some cases you can use "Supporter" instead a noun "Benefactor", when it comes to topics like backer, patron, sympathiser, well-wisher. popular alternative

Nearby Words: benefaction, benefactress


Supporter noun - Someone who supports or champions something.

Benefactor is a synonym for supporter in help topic. You can use "Benefactor" instead a noun "Supporter", if it concerns topics such as backer, sympathiser, well-wisher, sponsor. popular alternative

How words are described

beloved beloved benefactor beloved supporter
known known benefactor known supporter
public public benefactor public supporter
powerful powerful benefactor powerful supporter
Other adjectives: main, major, former, wealthy, financial, biggest.
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