Benefit and Drawback


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Benefit noun – A thing that helps.
Usage example: it would be a real benefit if you could keep track of what you have already bought

Drawback is an antonym for benefit in cost topic.
Nearby Words: beneficial, benefaction, beneficent, benefited, beneficence
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Drawback noun – A feature of someone or something that creates difficulty for achieving success.
Benefit is an antonym for drawback in topics: disadvantage, advantage.
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Similar words of drawback
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How words are described

low low benefit low drawback
similar similar benefit similar drawback
normal normal benefit normal drawback
usual usual benefit usual drawback
Other adjectives: specific, considerable, substantial, obvious, small, actual, real, massive, great, huge, little, slight, potential, main, major, mechanical, minor, extra, additional, significant, primary.

Both words in one sentence

  • Drawback without added practical benefit can further slide into Cool, but Inefficient.
  • Super OCD It gives him the benefit of practicing things over and over until he does them perfectly, but the drawback of practicing things over and OVER until he does them perfectly.
    Source: Super OCD
  • Video Game / Fire Emblem Tellius Irony: There is superstition about branded having special powers, but the only benefit they really get has the drawback of making them easily spotted by enemies.
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