Benevolence and Humanity


Benevolence noun - An act of kind assistance.

Humanity is a synonym for benevolence in kindness topic. In some cases you can use "Humanity" instead a noun "Benevolence", when it comes to topics like compassion, generosity, charity. popular alternative

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Humanity noun - The capacity for feeling for another's unhappiness or misfortune.
Usage example: a country known for the humanity of its liberal immigration policy

Benevolence is a synonym for humanity in kindness topic. You can use "Benevolence" instead a noun "Humanity", if it concerns topics such as compassion, generosity. popular alternative

How words are described

true true benevolence true humanity
genuine genuine benevolence genuine humanity
real real benevolence real humanity
fundamental fundamental benevolence fundamental humanity

Both words in one sentence

  • Through His Stomach It acts more as a characterization trope, indicating a generalized benevolence toward a large group or even all of humanity (or more), than a particular relationship, though even here it often indicates that a person has been accepted into their True Companions.
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