Betray and Rat on


Betray verb - To be unfaithful or disloyal to.
Usage example: childhood friends of movie stars often betray them by telling their secrets to the supermarket tabloids

Rat on is a synonym for betray in divulge topic. In some cases you can use "Rat on" instead a verb "Betray", when it comes to topics like split on. informal substitute

Nearby Words: betrayal, betrayer, betraying

Rat on

Rat on verb - To give information (as to the authorities) about another's improper or unlawful activities.
Usage example: how much—or how little—did the fuzz have to pay you to rat on us?

Betray is a synonym for rat on in inform topic. You can use "Betray" instead a verb "Rat on", if it concerns topics such as inform against, inform on.
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