Biased and Equal


Biased adjective - Inclined to favor one side over another.
Usage example: in my admittedly biased opinion, my wife is always the prettiest woman in whatever room she graces

Equal is an antonym for biased.

Nearby Words: bias, biassed, biasing


Equal adjective - Marked by justice, honesty, and freedom from bias.
Usage example: the basic belief that everyone is entitled to equal opportunity in employment

Biased is an antonym for equal in topics: fair, alike.

Nearby Words: equalize, equalise, equable, equate, equity

Both words in one sentence

  • Pointy-Haired Boss Captain Brass comes off very much as an incompetent and biased boss in the first episode of CSI, but it may just be that his promotion put him in over his head — when he is demoted to Homicide in the second episode, he becomes every bit the equal to the crime lab folks in professional competence.
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