Birth and Family


Birth noun - The line of ancestors from whom a person is descended.
Usage example: a man of noble birth

Family is a synonym for birth in kin topic. In some cases you can use "Family" instead a noun "Birth", when it comes to topics like origin, ancestry.

Nearby Words: birthday, birthing


Family noun - A group of persons who come from the same ancestor.
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Synonyms for Family

Birth is a synonym for family in kin topic. You can use "Birth" instead a noun "Family", if it concerns topics such as ancestry, ancestors.

Nearby Word: familial

How words are described

known known birth known family
normal normal birth normal family
original original birth original family
noble noble birth noble family
Other adjectives: true, single, actual, famous, new.

Both words in one sentence

  • Not birth exactly, but similar: in The Grapes of Wrath, Rose of Sharon (who's pregnant) and her husband have sex as the family arrives in California.
  • There's a legend that when someone is born under the sign of Scorpio, someone in the family has just died or is about to die, and when a Scorpio dies there is a birth in the family.
  • Big Screwed-Up Family The Kuhoin family in Kure Nai is seriously messed up, as they lock away their daughters to give birth to the children of their brothers.
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