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Strangely and bizarrely are semantically related in oddly topic. In some cases you can use "Strangely" instead an adverb "Bizarrely".
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Strangely adverb – In a strange manner.
Bizarrely and strangely are semantically related in paradoxically topic. You can use "Bizarrely" instead an adverb "Strangely".
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  • No other villain makes their taunting feel so bizarrely immediate, or so strangely personal.
    Source: Love to Hate
  • Video Game / M.U.G.E.N Bizarrely averted with Godzilla and Gundam fighting characters... buuutttt there are some stages that allow you to do this (with, strangely enough, Godzilla and Gundam stages).
  • Vibroweapon Strangely enough, depending on which book you look at (it's not terribly consistent) a vibro-blade doesn't actually shake the blade itself but surrounds it in a vibrating energy sheath, bizarrely invalidating it for this trope by making it a sort of Laser Blade with a solid core.
    Source: Vibroweapon
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