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Black adjective – Causing or marked by an atmosphere lacking in cheer.
Usage example: the Friday of the stock market crash was indeed a black day for the country

Dismal is a synonym for black in gloomy topic. In some cases you can use "Dismal" instead an adjective "Black", when it comes to topics like miserable, hopeless, happy. popular alternative
Nearby Words: blacken, blackout, blackness, blacking, blackening
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Dismal adjective – Causing or marked by an atmosphere lacking in cheer.
Usage example: a suitably dismal setting for a haunted house

Black is a synonym for dismal in sad topic. You can use "Black" instead an adjective "Dismal", if it concerns topics such as bleak, gloomy, happy. popular alternative
Nearby Word: dismally
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  • They go so far as to have the war between the Reds and the Blues be black ops meant to train their brand of supersoldiers (the Freelancers) against the Covenant, though the operation was a dismal failure.
  • From Nobody to Nightmare One of the planets of the Screaming Vortex in Black Crusade is a dismal wasteland where nothing can be built, populated by permanently depressed people.
  • The Black Mountains and Mote Ely are pretty dismal places, as well.
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