Bland and Rich


Bland adjective - Not harsh or stern especially in nature or effect.

Rich is an antonym for bland.

Nearby Word: blandly


Rich adjective - Having goods, property, or money in abundance.

Bland is an antonym for rich in topics: full-bodied, abundant, flavorful, very funny, full in color or sound.

Nearby Words: richness, riches, richly, Richie

Both words in one sentence

  • Film / The Road to Wellville If eating bland, fibre-rich food and enemas failed to treat his patients, he would sometimes remove lengths of their small intestines!
  • Clingy Costume If you immediately asked how they go to the bathroom, the suit canonically includes "recyclers", which can recycle body waste into a nutrient rich form that is fed back into them intravenously or as an edible, bland paste.
  • Useful Notes / Romania South Park's answer to the Elian Gonzalez debacle, Quintuplets 2000, involved Romanian quintuplets... whose home country is apparently still Communist, and certainly dominated by grey, bland architecture and an economy and populace so poor that a few hundred US dollars makes one "rich" there.
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