Bleak and Somber


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Bleak adjective – Causing or marked by an atmosphere lacking in cheer.
Usage example: a bleak outlook for the team for the rest of the season

Somber is a synonym for bleak in depressing topic. In some cases you can use "Somber" instead an adjective "Bleak", when it comes to topics like happy. popular alternative
Nearby Words: bleakness, bleakly
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Somber adjective – Causing or marked by an atmosphere lacking in cheer.
Usage example: the somber occasion of a dear friend's funeral

Bleak is a synonym for somber in sad topic. You can use "Bleak" instead the word "Somber" as an adjective or a noun, if it concerns topics such as happy. popular alternative
Nearby Words: sombre, somberly
Synonyms for Somber

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  • Darker and Edgier: Alles wieder offen breaks the trend of Lighter and Softer taken by the band for its bleak and somber tone and lyrics, and Lament is also this trope since it was composed for an 100th anniversary World War I memorial in Belgium.
  • Film / Nebraska Deliberately Monochrome: The movie being in Black & White adds to the bleak, somber feel of it all.
  • Film / Casshern Darkerand Edgier: It's a significantly more bleak, moody and somber take on the concept than the original anime, comparable to the anime reboot that did much the same thing years later.
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