Bloodthirsty and Murderous


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Bloodthirsty adjective – Eager for or marked by the shedding of blood, extreme violence, or killing.
Usage example: the Goths were a wild and bloodthirsty people

Murderous is a synonym for bloodthirsty in bloody topic. In some cases you can use "Murderous" instead an adjective "Bloodthirsty", when it comes to topics like characteristic, help, brutal, cruel. popular alternative
Synonyms for Bloodthirsty


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Murderous adjective – Eager for or marked by the shedding of blood, extreme violence, or killing.
Usage example: Viking warriors became legendary for the murderous fury they displayed in battle

Bloodthirsty is a synonym for murderous in deadly topic. You can use "Bloodthirsty" instead an adjective "Murderous", if it concerns topics such as bloody, characteristic, help, brutal. popular alternative
Nearby Words: murder, murderer, murdered, murderously, murdering
Synonyms for Murderous

Things that words describes

character bloodthirsty character murderous character
rage bloodthirsty rage murderous rage
rampage bloodthirsty rampage murderous rampage
man bloodthirsty man murderous man
Other nouns: people, nature, streak, characters, personality, monster, vampire, villain, side, pirate, tyrant, maniac, demon, insanity, psycho, psychopath, ways, criminals, creatures, thieves, zombies, vampires, monsters, rampages, psychopaths.

Both words in one sentence

  • Videogame / Read Only Memories However, military androids piloted by human brains were so bloodthirsty and murderous that they were banned by the Geneva Convention.
  • Pay Evil unto Evil It turns out Pickman is a serial killer; however, his target of choice are the murderous and bloodthirsty raiders, a faction known for laying waste to anything they come across.
  • Western Animation / Rango Noble Demon: Rattlesnake Jake is bloodthirsty and murderous... but he is true to his word and genuinely admires the few who are willing to stand up to him.
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