Boar and Pig


Boar noun - An uncastrated male hog.
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Synonyms for Boar

Pig is a synonym for boar in animal topic. In some cases you can use "Pig" instead a noun "Boar", when it comes to topics like hog, omnivorous animal.


Pig noun - One who eats greedily or too much.
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Synonyms for Pig

Boar is a synonym for pig in hog topic. You can use "Boar" instead a noun "Pig", if it concerns topics such as animal, animal of swine family. popular alternative

Nearby Words: piglet, pigskin, pigling

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / Indonesia Out of sheer coincidence, the Indonesian (or to be more precise, Javanese) word for piggy bank is celengan, where celeng means pig/boarnote¬†the suffix -an means 'something made in the likeness of', so celengan means an object made in the likeness of 'celeng', or pig/boar.
  • Useful Notes / Indonesia Or more likely, this 'piggy bank'/'celengan' refers to the myth of Babi Ngepet, a wereboar-ish creature, a man who can turn into a black boar/pig and then magically steal money from other people.
  • Ino Yamanaka: "Ino" means pig or boar for some arbitrary reason.
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