Body and Cadaver


Body noun - The main or greater part of something as distinguished from its subordinate parts.

Cadaver is a synonym for body in corpse topic. In some cases you can use "Cadaver" instead a noun "Body", when it comes to topics like animal, carcass. popular alternative

Nearby Words: bodily, bod, bodied, bodying


Cadaver noun - The dead body of a human being.
Usage example: the cadaver was intended for dissection
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Synonyms for Cadaver

Body is a synonym for cadaver in animal topic. You can use "Body" instead a noun "Cadaver", if it concerns topics such as carcass, dead body.

Nearby Words: cadaverous, cadaveric

How words are described

female female body female cadaver
alien alien body alien cadaver
fake fake body fake cadaver
empty empty body empty cadaver
Other adjectives: actual, entire, real, male, beautiful, naked, different, sexy, undead.

Both words in one sentence

  • The months sitting there have left Mab with a thin body described akin to a cadaver.
  • Perpetual-Motion Monster When Satan leaves his body, all of this is immediately canceled and Nicolae becomes a shriveled, emaciated barely-living cadaver.
  • In the adventure The Exasperating Cadaver, the PC's must find a specific person and deliver a package containing...a dead body?
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