Body and Man


Body noun - A member of the human race.
Usage example: the most intelligent body in this entire place

Man is a synonym for body in individual topic. In some cases you can use "Man" instead a noun "Body", when it comes to topics like beings.

Nearby Words: bodily, bod, bodied, bodying


Man noun - A member of the human race.
Usage example: every man has a responsibility to safeguard the planet

Body is a synonym for man in individual topic. Sometimes you can use "Body" instead a noun "Man", if it concerns topics such as human, beings.

Nearby Words: manly, manful, manhood, manliness, manfully

How words are described

human human body human man
mortal mortal body mortal man
old old body old man
nice nice body nice man
Other adjectives: normal, dying, original, single, small, powerful, real, muscular, large, big, huge, little, black, young, beautiful, new, naked, broken, giant, younger.

Both words in one sentence

  • Perma-Stubble Castiel. Justified in that he's an angel possessing a man and the body is either in stasis or Castiel maintains it the way it was when he took possession.
    Source: Perma-Stubble
  • A human body's a human body— as far as Vlad/Vladia's concerned, s/he has never been a man.
  • Synopsis: Sekahyyh says it best herself: "In Dante’s hell, the circle of fraud was guarded by a dragon, hypocrisy, with the face of a man and the body of a monster."
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