Body and Party


Body noun - A group of people acting together within a larger group.
Usage example: feared that there was a body of extremists within the labor union

Party is a synonym for body in individual topic. In some cases you can use "Party" instead a noun "Body", when it comes to topics like human being, association, group, crowd. popular alternative

Nearby Words: bodily, bod, bodied, bodying


Party noun - A group of people acting together within a larger group.
Usage example: a small party got together to protest the new chairman's decision

Body is a synonym for party in group topic. You can use "Body" instead a noun "Party", if it concerns topics such as individual, people, gang, group supporting certain beliefs. popular alternative

Nearby Words: partying, parti

How words are described

human human body human party
old old body old party
female female body female party
full full body full party
Other adjectives: nice, perfect, complete, current, original, ruling, dead, single, small, powerful, actual, entire, real, massive, large, big, huge, main, new, different, giant.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / SaGa Frontier Party in My Pocket: Characters joining the group just walk right into your body.
  • Video Game / Corpse Party In Corpse Party: Musume, Just as the group resolved the mystery of the haunter dimension and was about to escape, an enemy suddenly managed to stab through Yuki's body and killed her.
  • Party in My Pocket Cait Sith's joining of the party is signified by him forcibly walking into Cloud's body, despite Cloud's protestations.
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