Body and Spirit


Body noun - The main or greater part of something as distinguished from its subordinate parts.

Spirit is an antonym for body in topics: human being, crowd, physique, bulk, corpse.

Nearby Words: bodily, bod, bodied, bodying


Spirit noun - An immaterial force within a human being thought to give the body life, energy, and power.
Usage example: the theological and philosophical belief that the spirit is superior to the body

Body is an antonym for spirit.

How words are described

human human body human spirit
female female body female spirit
high high body high spirit
full full body full spirit
Other adjectives: similar, original, true, proper, dead, single, small, powerful, actual, real, male, little, young, beautiful, celestial, former, immortal, giant, undead.

Both words in one sentence

  • Throughout the rest of the series, Korra goes through hell: not only do three separate villains violate her body/spirit in horrifying ways, but she suffers from PTSD and mercury poisoning.
  • It Was with You All Along This trope can often be justified if the hero needed to reach a specific state of mind/body/spirit that could only be achieved through the efforts taken in during the quest.
  • Useful Notes / Indonesia Red and white are the colors of the Majapahit Empire, and symbolize body and spirit, respectively, the components of a human being.
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