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Bodyguard noun – A group of men who escort and protect some important person.
Guard is a synonym for bodyguard in convoy topic. In some cases you can use "Guard" instead a noun "Bodyguard", when it comes to topics like watchman, armed guard, minder.
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Guard noun – A person or group that watches over someone or something.
Usage example: checked in with the security guard at the gate

Bodyguard is a synonym for guard in convoy topic. You can use "Bodyguard" instead a noun "Guard", if it concerns topics such as watchman, armed guard.
Nearby Words: guarded, guardian, guarding, guardhouse, guardroom
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How words are described

fellow fellow bodyguard fellow guard
human human bodyguard human guard
old old bodyguard old guard
good good bodyguard good guard
Other adjectives: female, perfect, original, single, loyal, actual, entire, real, large, big, huge, main, innocent, young, personal, new, chief, former, military, last, competent.

Both words in one sentence

  • Praetorian Guard As a bodyguard unit, they proved to be a miserable failure: Nine separate emperors were killed by the guard itself, and many others were deserted by the guard to be overthrown or killed by others.
  • Ear Ache Early in the film he rips out a bodyguard's earring when the bodyguard won't let him see the guard's boss, the guy spends the rest of the movie walking around with his entire ear covered in bandages.
    Source: Ear Ache
  • Literature / The Rifter Bodyguard Crush: Kyle (the Kahlil) is assigned to secretly watch and guard John when John is a child.
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