Bolt and Race


Bolt verb - To proceed or move quickly.
Usage example: the cat bolted for the food dish the minute he spied it

Race is a synonym for bolt in movement topic. In some cases you can use "Race" instead the word "Bolt" as a verb or a noun, when it comes to topics like move, dash, chase.

Nearby Words: bolted, bolter, bolting


Race verb - To proceed or move quickly.
Usage example: was racing around trying to get everything done before her big trip to India

Bolt is a synonym for race in move topic. You can use "Bolt" instead the word "Race" as a verb or a noun, if it concerns topics such as run, hurry, chase.

Nearby Words: raced, racing, racist, racism, racer

How words are described

long long bolt long race
particular particular bolt particular race
original original bolt original race
single single bolt single race
Other adjectives: small, powerful, actual, psychic, capable, famous, new, mysterious, next, last, magical.

Common collocations

rod bolt rod race rod
components bolt components race components
doors bolt doors race doors

Both words in one sentence

  • Horsing Around Boris from Going Postal is a half-mad stallion who would have been a perfect race-horse if it weren't for his tendency to throw and trample the jockey, attack the other horses, then jump the fence at the first turn and bolt.
  • Literature / Gone Girl Race Lift: Tanner Bolt, who was white in the book, is played by Tyler Perry in the movie.
  • Punny Name In Marvel Comics, there is a character named Black Bolt, the king of a race of superhumans.
    Source: Punny Name
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