Bomb and Hit


Bomb noun - Something that has failed.
Usage example: her tell-all book was a bomb that landed on the remainder tables with a thud

Hit is an antonym for bomb.

Nearby Words: bombard, bombed, bombing, bomber


Hit noun - A person or thing that is successful.
Usage example: the new babysitter turned out to be a hit with the kids

Bomb is an antonym for hit.

Nearby Word: hitting

How words are described

old old bomb old hit
good good bomb good hit
normal normal bomb normal hit
regular regular bomb regular hit
Other adjectives: single, heavy, small, strong, powerful, actual, real, massive, big, enormous, huge, bad, black, new, major, final, extra, next, last, bigger, biggest.

Common collocations

block bomb block hit block
people bomb people hit people
thanks bomb thanks hit thanks
area bomb area hit area
Other words: number, wall, way, ship, planet, times, enemies.

Both words in one sentence

  • Surreal Theme Tune Will Chris Silverscreen's next picture be a hit or a bomb?
  • Web Video / SourceFed The introduction of guests, filling in for x because of y [Plasma Bomb/Hit/Eat/Smash/etc] the like button.
  • Game Breaker / Shoot'em Ups The auto-bomb feature, which substitutes a life lost for a bomb fired (if any are left) if you get hit.
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