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Boorish adjective – Having or showing crudely insensitive or impolite manners.
Usage example: boorish behavior, such as yelling for service in restaurants

Rude is a synonym for boorish in crude topic. In some cases you can use "Rude" instead an adjective "Boorish", when it comes to topics like courtesy, coarse, uncouth, loutish. popular alternative
Nearby Words: boor, boorishly
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Rude adjective – Lacking in refinement or good taste.
Usage example: a comedian who uses a lot of rude language in his nightclub act

Boorish is a synonym for rude in courtesy topic. You can use "Boorish" instead an adjective "Rude", if it concerns topics such as crude, disrespectful, uncouth, uncivil. popular alternative
Nearby Words: rudeness, rudely
Synonyms for Rude

Things that words describes

behaviour boorish behaviour rude behaviour
attitude boorish attitude rude attitude
manner boorish manner rude manner
man boorish man rude man
Other nouns: guy, people, boy, nature, form, jerk, bastard, manager, side, behavior, asshole, slob.

Both words in one sentence

  • Deep South They are very courteous of this odd foreigner and patient with his rude and boorish behavior... that is, until his dinner guest, a transvestite prostitute, arrives, at which point they kick him out.
    Source: Deep South
  • Useful Notes / Fighting Game Community Further, the FGC is still very much a "boys club" and remains crass, rude, and boorish at times.
  • In Frasier, during the period when Niles was married to Mel, but knew Daphne loved him back, Mel would only agree to a divorce if he showed himself up as a rude, boorish man whom she wanted rid of.
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