Boredom and Excitement


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Boredom noun – The state of being bored.
Usage example: she spent that whole meeting in a state of complete boredom, waiting for lunch

Excitement is an antonym for boredom in topics: tedium, disinterest.
Nearby Word: bored
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Excitement noun – Something that arouses a strong response from another.
Boredom is an antonym for excitement in enthusiasm topic.
Nearby Words: excited, excite, exciting, excitable, excitedly
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Similar words of boredom
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Similar words of excitement
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How words are described

pure pure boredom pure excitement
utter utter boredom utter excitement
sheer sheer boredom sheer excitement
visible visible boredom visible excitement
Other adjectives: extreme, great, intense, potential, general, apparent.

Both words in one sentence

  • Boredom Montage When his face goes in and out of camera range, his expression slowly changes from excitement to boredom.
  • Reactions among the fans quickly went from excitement to boredom when it turned out that the threesome was between Dan, Vanessa and Olivia (guest star Hilary Duff).
    Source: Three-Way Sex
  • Webcomic / Tag Dream As news of the exciting new event spreads, alliances are quickly formed as the denizens of Gensokyo gather to brawl, be it for riches, glory, and excitement, or out of sheer boredom.
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