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Boring adjective – Causing weariness, restlessness, or lack of interest.
Usage example: I wish this book weren't so boring; I keep falling asleep whenever I try to read it

Tame is a synonym for boring in insipid topic. In some cases you can use "Tame" instead an adjective "Boring", when it comes to topics like uninteresting. popular alternative
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Tame adjective – Causing weariness, restlessness, or lack of interest.
Usage example: that action movie was so tame I fell asleep about 20 minutes into it

Boring is a synonym for tame in dull topic. You can use "Boring" instead an adjective "Tame", if it concerns topics such as insipid, unexciting. popular alternative
Nearby Words: tamed, taming, tamer, tamely
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Things that words describes

person boring person tame person
character boring character tame character
man boring man tame man
name boring name tame name
Other nouns: scene, show, way, personality, version, stories, scenes.

Both words in one sentence

  • Video Game / ARK: Survival Evolved Boring but Practical: Players with patience and good aim can tame a relatively large amount of Dimorphodon relatively quickly as they are small and found in most areas.
  • On the bright side, this makes the already boring task of leveling fishing all the way seem comparably tame (unlike other gathering skills, the difficulty doesn't influence the rate at which it increases - you simply need like 30 sucessful catches at higher levels to advance a single point).
  • Inverted on Futurama; in the episode "I, Roommate", Bender spends the night out not drinking (as robots need alcohol to function) and is assaulted on all sides by increasingly tame and mundane neon images◊ of stuff like "Boring Geology Lecture" and "Bible Study 2 Nite."
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