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Borough noun - An English town that forms the constituency of a member of parliament.
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Synonyms for Borough

City is a synonym for borough in townspeople topic. In some cases you can use "City" instead the word "Borough" as a noun or an adjective. popular alternative


City noun - A thickly settled, highly populated area.
Usage example: commuters who drive every day between their homes in the suburbs and their jobs in the city

Borough is a synonym for city in townspeople topic. You can use "Borough" instead the word "City" as a noun or an adjective, if it concerns topics such as large town. popular alternative

Both words in one sentence

  • Useful Notes / British Political System All borough and city councils have a Mayor or a in Scotland a Provost.
  • Useful Notes / New York City In fact, if each borough was considered a city unto itself, Brooklyn would still be the 3rd largest in the country, behind only Los Angeles and Chicago.
  • Oop North Joy Division and New Order, usually thought of as being from Manchester, technically from Macclesfield and Salford - which, admittedly, is a borough of Greater Manchester but is a separate city.
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