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Understanding is a synonym for brains in intelligence topic. In some cases you can use "Understanding" instead a noun "Brains".
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Understanding noun – An arrangement about action to be taken.
Brains is a synonym for understanding in intelligence topic. You can use "Brains" instead a noun "Understanding".
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  • Bizarre Alien Biology It's not only their bodies that are different, but their brains; they are incapable of understanding art.
  • Humans Through Alien Eyes With the alien in question at first not understanding concepts like "pain", blood, and the fact that screwing around with human brains is not healthy for said human.
  • Since openly criticizing a lunatic like Nero was a good way to be killed, anyone with brains would veil it in symbols ("This requires wisdom; let him who hath understanding...") The dates are pretty close to right - Nero was killed in 68 CE, while Revelation is dated to about then.
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