Branded and Generic


Branded adjective - Marked with a brand.
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Generic is an antonym for branded.

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Generic adjective - Belonging or relating to the whole.

Branded is an antonym for generic.

Nearby Words: general, generally, generalised

Both words in one sentence

  • Strangely, the battery pickups in the DLC chapters are generic instead of Energizer-branded.
  • Roleplay / Super Mushroom Kingdom Wars In-Name-Only: Occasionally an army branded "Hylian" will have only very loose aesthetic ties to the actual Zelda series itself, normally ending up as a generic fantasy army only with Hylians.
  • Creator / Network Ten One, launched March 2009: originally a 24-hour sports channel, but was re-branded in April 2011 to be a generic male-oriented channel like 7mate.
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