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Brief adjective – Not lasting for a considerable time.
Usage example: fortunately, the meeting was brief

Extended is an antonym for brief.
Nearby Words: briefing, briefly, briefed, briefness, briefcase
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Extended adjective – Lasting for a considerable time.
Usage example: I've met her, but I have never had an extended conversation with her

Brief is an antonym for extended.
Nearby Words: extend, extension, extending, extender, extendable
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Similar words of extended
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Things that words describes

life brief life extended life
reference brief reference extended reference
amount brief amount extended amount
run brief run extended run
Other nouns: section, sequence, scene, time, period, example, story, shot, stay, fight, battle, conversation, hiatus, discussion, gag, introduction, war, montage, flashback, periods, cameo, scenes, moments, cameos, flashbacks.

Both words in one sentence

  • Troubled Backstory Flashback Po has a few of these regarding his biological family throughout Kung Fu Panda 2, starting with brief visions and culminating in an extended flashback, all shown in 2D animation.
  • He had not participated in the brief struggle, and he scarcely extended his hand to receive Lönnrot’s revolver.
  • May–December Romance For creatures with extended (or very brief) lifespans, apply the above rules generally.
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