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Brilliance noun – The quality or state of having or giving off light.
Usage example: the brilliance of the flash from the camera was so intense that I was blinded for a moment afterwards

Light is a synonym for brilliance in glow topic. In some cases you can use "Light" instead a noun "Brilliance", when it comes to topics like lustre, radiance, sunlight.
Nearby Words: brilliant, brilliantly, brilliancy
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Light noun – The steady giving off of the form of radiation that makes vision possible.
Brilliance is a synonym for light in glow topic. Sometimes you can use "Brilliance" instead a noun "Light", if it concerns topics such as brightness, lustre, radiance, illumination.
Nearby Words: lighten, lightweight, lightly, lightness, lighted
Synonyms for Light

How words are described

good good brilliance good light
pure pure brilliance pure light
natural natural brilliance natural light
true true brilliance true light
Other adjectives: great, little, shining, broken, literal, tactical.

Both words in one sentence

  • Light's brilliance at times, then lapse into this mindset when his latest plan is falling apart.
  • Western Animation / Mega Man Light uses his brilliance to help others, uplift mankind, and treats his robots like his children.
  • Literature / Secret Histories Light Is Not Good: The Heart, an otherworldly entity that's embodied as a gigantic diamond of eye-searing brilliance, is a murderous criminal that delights in corruption and infant sacrifice.
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