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Brilliant adjective – Giving off or reflecting much light.
Excellent is a synonym for brilliant in intelligent topic. In some cases you can use "Excellent" instead an adjective "Brilliant", when it comes to topics like skilful, illustrious, famous, grand.
Nearby Words: brilliance, brilliantly, brilliancy
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Excellent adjective – Of the very best kind.
Brilliant is a synonym for excellent (British) in intelligent topic. You can use "Brilliant" instead an adjective "Excellent", if it concerns topics such as illustrious, grand, outstanding. informal substitute
Nearby Words: excellence, excellently, excellency, excelling
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Things that words describes

work brilliant work excellent work
performance brilliant performance excellent performance
writer brilliant writer excellent writer
idea brilliant idea excellent idea
Other nouns: job, author, plot, series, effect, moment, use, way, example, story, shot, book, leader, artist, commander, pilot, student, doctor, fighter, writing, detective, player, swordsman, strategist, examples.

Both words in one sentence

  • Skilled, but Naïve Merrill of Dragon Age II is a young Dalish elf who happens to be a brilliant mage and excellent historian.
  • Series / Conviction (2016) Brilliant, but Lazy: Hayes was an excellent defense attorney, but got lazy after realizing that she could coast on her family's name.
  • Feminine Women Can Cook A ruler of the Midlands, with powerful Mind Control powers, a brilliant tactician and excellent fighter...really loves cooking.
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