Buffoonery and Tomfoolery


Buffoonery noun - Wildly playful or mischievous behavior.
Usage example: their madcap buffoonery turned the duo into the nation's hottest comedy act

Tomfoolery is a synonym for buffoonery in amusement topic. In some cases you can use "Tomfoolery" instead a noun "Buffoonery", when it comes to topics like humor, fun, comedy, clowning. popular alternative

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Tomfoolery noun - Wildly playful or mischievous behavior.
Usage example: the open bar may have had something to do with the tomfoolery at the wedding reception
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Buffoonery is a synonym for tomfoolery in amusement topic. You can use "Buffoonery" instead a noun "Tomfoolery", if it concerns topics such as silliness. popular alternative

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