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Build verb – To form by putting together parts or materials.
Usage example: he spent hours building a model airplane from a kit

Institute is a synonym for build in establish topic. In some cases you can use "Institute" instead a verb "Build", when it comes to topics like initiate.
Nearby Words: built, building, buildup, builder
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Institute verb – To be responsible for the creation and early operation or use of.
Build is a synonym for institute in activity topic. Sometimes you can use "Build" instead a verb "Institute".
Nearby Words: institution, instituted, institutional, instituting
Synonyms for Institute

How words are described

specific specific build specific institute
original original build original institute
powerful powerful build powerful institute
entire entire build entire institute
Other adjectives: infamous.

Common collocations

power build power institute power
world build world institute world
empire build empire institute empire
city build city institute city

Both words in one sentence

  • In order to get into the Institute, you have to build a relay platform using the settlement interface.
  • With your help, they can rebuild their strength, ally with settlements (and build some new ones), retake their base, and finally lead an assault on the Institute.
  • Romanticism Versus Enlightenment The Institute are a group of Mad Scientists who want to wipe out all traces of the pre-war America and build a brand new society even greater and more advanced than pre-War America, and even replace humans with the Synths.
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