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Home and buildings are semantically related. in constructed dwelling topic. In some cases you can use "Home" instead a noun "Buildings".


Home noun - The place where one lives.
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Buildings and home are semantically related. You can use "Buildings" instead a noun "Home".

Nearby Words: homely, homey, homeland, homer, homed

Both words in one sentence

  • Must Be Invited Commercial buildings and public spaces are fair game, of course, but any place that is a "home", no matter how metaphorical of one it is, can block a vampire from entering.
  • Must Be Invited Buildings have a "Threshold" - the more a dwelling is a home rather than just a house, e.g.
  • Film / Ex Machina Cool House: Nathan's home looks like a few wooden buildings from the outside, but it's largely a spacious subterranean compound.
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