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Bulk noun – The largest part or quantity of something.
Dimensions is a synonym for bulk in size topic. In some cases you can use "Dimensions" instead a noun "Bulk", when it comes to topics like mass.
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Bulk is a synonym for dimensions in mass topic. You can use "Bulk" instead a noun "Dimensions", if it concerns topics such as range.
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  • Block Puzzle The bulk of actual gameplay in Catherine ultimately consists of a variety of Block Puzzles that must be solved across three dimensions so the main character can climb a tower.
    Source: Block Puzzle
  • Tabletop Game / Rogue Trader Writers Cannot Do Math: Working from the numbers given for the dimensions and tonnage of ships, small raiders are about half the average density of balsa wood (Ork Brute Ram: 60 kg/m^3) while the largest bulk transports would blow away in a slight breeze (Imperial Universe class: 2.9 kg/m^3).
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