Bum and Good-for-nothing


Bum noun - An idle worthless person.
Usage example: asked his future son-in-law if he was planning on being a bum all his life

Good-for-nothing is a synonym for bum in idler topic. In some cases you can use "Good-for-nothing" instead a noun "Bum", when it comes to topics like loafer, industrious. popular alternative

Nearby Words: bumpy, bumping


Good-for-nothing noun - An idle worthless person.
Usage example: teacher after teacher had predicted that he would never be more than a good-for-nothing
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Synonyms for Good-for-nothing

Bum is a synonym for good-for-nothing in worthless topic. You can use "Bum" instead a noun phrase "Good-for-nothing", if it concerns topics such as loafer, industrious. popular alternative

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