Bump and Swelling


Bump noun - A small rounded mass of swollen tissue.
Usage example: that's a nasty bump on your arm where you hit the table

Swelling is a synonym for bump in lump topic. In some cases you can use "Swelling" instead a noun "Bump", when it comes to topics like hump, convex. popular alternative

Nearby Words: bumped, bumper, bumpy, bumping


Swelling noun - A small rounded mass of swollen tissue.
Usage example: was worried that the swelling on her neck was cancerous
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Synonyms for Swelling

Bump is a synonym for swelling in lump topic. You can use "Bump" instead a noun "Swelling", if it concerns topics such as hump, convex. popular alternative

Nearby Word: swell

How words are described

painful painful bump painful swelling
visible visible bump visible swelling
massive massive bump massive swelling
tiny tiny bump tiny swelling
Other adjectives: slight, minor, occasional.

Both words in one sentence

  • Manga / K-On! The correct term for this in Japanese, is a 'tankobu' (たんこぶ - literally 'bump' or 'swelling' on the head).
    Source: Manga / K-On!
  • Cranial Eruption While exaggerated, this trope is very much a Truth in Television; an even minor bump to the head will usually result in a swelling that takes a while to go away.
  • Tainted Veins When Tash Arranda is infected with The Virus in Galaxy of Fear: The Planet Plague, she starts off with a rash that becomes a swelling bump with raised brownish veins.
    Source: Tainted Veins
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