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Business noun – Transactions or economic support provided by customers.
Usage example: only places that are equal opportunity employers will get my business

Custom is a synonym for business in play topic. In some cases you can use "Custom" instead a noun "Business", when it comes to topics like show, customers, transactions.
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Custom noun – Transactions or economic support provided by customers.
Usage example: that restaurant certainly lost my custom after they were cited for health code violations

Business is a synonym for custom in customers topic. You can use "Business" instead a noun "Custom", if it concerns topics such as trade, transactions.
Nearby Words: customary, customs, customer, customize, customized
Synonyms for Custom

How words are described

old old business old custom
usual usual business usual custom
short short business short custom
established established business established custom
Other adjectives: gold, entire, real, little, important, military, primary, different, local, modern.

Both words in one sentence

  • Planet Destroyer Later, it is revealed that Magrathea was actually a business dedicated to building custom planets, still demonstrating the power necessary for this to apply.
  • Terraform The Magratheans seem worthy of a mention, taking this idea to its logical extreme by creating a custom planet-building business.
    Source: Terraform
  • In Inception, the Dream Weavers create a custom dream for a business heir that includes telling him he's on a Vision Quest to come to term with his relationship with his late father.
    Source: Vision Quest
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