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Business noun – Transactions or economic support provided by customers.
Question is a synonym for business in matter topic. In some cases you can use "Question" instead a noun "Business", when it comes to topics like personal concern.
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Question noun – An interrogative expression often used to test knowledge.
Business is a synonym for question in issue topic. Sometimes you can use "Business" instead a noun "Question".
Nearby Words: questionable, questioning, quest, questioned, questioner
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How words are described

old old business old question
good good business good question
related related business related question
normal normal business normal question
Other adjectives: legitimate, single, actual, real, serious, little, main, important, personal, tricky, new, major, titular, central, different.

Both words in one sentence

  • Corrupt Bureaucrat - Dilbeck, the Congressman in question, has several business connections who want to make sure he stays in office - no matter what it takes.
  • Wrestling / Seth Rollins The validity of their past friendship has been thrown into question by Seth's claims that they were just business-partners to him.
  • John Kricfalusi, creator of The Ren & Stimpy Show, apparently answered the question of whether Ren and Stimpy were gay with "I don't know, it's none of my business."
    Source: Shrug of God
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