Busy and Idle


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Busy adjective – Involved in often constant activity.
Usage example: the deadline is in two days, so everyone at work has been extremely busy

Idle is an antonym for busy in topics: active, engaged, nosy.
Nearby Words: busily, busyness, busied, busying
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Idle adjective – Not being in a state of use, activity, or employment.
Usage example: the car was idle for two weeks while they went on vacation

Busy is an antonym for idle in topics: lazy, unoccupied, worthless.
Nearby Words: idled, idleness, idler, idling, idly
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Similar words of busy
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Similar words of idle
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Things that words describes

life busy life idle life
period busy period idle period

Both words in one sentence

  • Literature / Vorkosigan Saga aka: Komarr Non-Idle Rich: Most of the rich people shown are busy either with politics or warfare and some are busy with commerce, industry, or invention.
  • Video Game / XCOM 2 Engineers will man the posts you assigned them to while idle ones or those that are busy clearing space in the Avenger can be seen in the bridge.
  • Video Game / Bravely Default Idle Animation: Party members shift their poses a little while you're busy navigating menus and deciding actions to take in battle.
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