Buttocks and Front


Buttocks noun - The part of the body upon which someone sits.
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Synonyms for Buttocks

Front is an antonym for buttocks in rear topic.


Front noun - A forward part or surface.

Buttocks is an antonym for front.

How words are described

human human buttocks human front
nice nice buttocks nice front
actual actual buttocks actual front
large large buttocks large front

Both words in one sentence

  • Male Gaze Hulk FINALLY came out, there's a scene with Betty Ross injecting herself with a drug in her buttocks, which are front-and-center in the panel.
    Source: Male Gaze
  • Over-the-Shoulder Carry It can be a rather humiliating pose for the person in question being carried, since they're turned into a passive object, with their head down and buttocks pointing up and to the front.
  • Comicbook / Douwe Dabbert The published version sticks a bunch of flowers in front of her buttocks.
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