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Cad noun – A person whose behavior is offensive to others.
Usage example: he's the type of cad who readily bad-mouths every girl who's ever dumped him

Scoundrel is a synonym for cad in sly topic. In some cases you can use "Scoundrel" instead a noun "Cad", when it comes to topics like rascal.
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Scoundrel noun – A mean, evil, or unprincipled person.
Usage example: some scoundrel stole my wallet

Cad is a synonym for scoundrel in rascal topic. You can use "Cad" instead a noun "Scoundrel", if it concerns topics such as rogue. dated substitute
Nearby Word: scoundrelly
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How words are described

rich rich cad rich scoundrel
romantic romantic cad romantic scoundrel
charming charming cad charming scoundrel
unprincipled unprincipled cad unprincipled scoundrel
Other adjectives: upper-class.

Both words in one sentence

  • All Girls Want Bad Boys He's a tramp He's a scoundrel He's a rounder He's a cad He's a tramp But I love him Yes, even I have got it really bad...
  • He's a thief, a rapist, a cad, a scoundrel.
  • Film / The Scarlet Pimpernel 1934 Historical Hero Upgrade: The Prince Regent (later King George IV) is depicted in this film as a universally beloved if not particularly intellectual figure; the real George was a highly controversial figure who was considered an unprincipled liar, cad, and scoundrel by many Englishmen.
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