Calm and Mollify


Calm verb - To free from distress or disturbance.
Usage example: the president's reassuring words did much to calm the public during the national emergency

Mollify is a synonym for calm in soothe topic. In some cases you can use "Mollify" instead a verb "Calm", when it comes to topics like quiet, assuage, placate, pacify.

Nearby Words: calmness, calmed, calming, calmly


Mollify verb - To lessen the anger or agitation of.
Usage example: an apology would probably mollify your friend

Calm is a synonym for mollify in pacify topic. You can use "Calm" instead a verb "Mollify", if it concerns topics such as activity, soothe, appease.

Common collocations

spirit calm spirit mollify spirit
everyone calm everyone mollify everyone
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