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Calm adjective – Free from storms or physical disturbance.
Usage example: after a stormy night of high winds and driving rains, the day dawned on a calm sea

Severe is an antonym for calm.
Nearby Words: calmness, calmed, calming, calmly
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Severe adjective – Difficult to endure.
Usage example: a severe winter that was among the coldest on record

Calm is an antonym for severe in topics: difficult, uncompromising.
Nearby Words: severely, severity, severed
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Similar words of severe
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Things that words describes

reaction calm reaction severe reaction
example calm example severe example
head calm head severe head
version calm version severe version

Both words in one sentence

  • Tranquil Fury Gene Hunt from Life On Mars is normally given to yelling his head off at all and sundry...but when one of Ray Carling's screwups results in a death in police custody, his punishment is cold, calm and severe.
    Source: Tranquil Fury
  • It's Quiet... Too Quiet Sudden still, dead calm in a severe weather setting often means you're in the part of a severe storm just before the tornado.
  • Manga / Pupa If they get too severe, she transforms into a ravenous monster called the Pupa, and the one thing that can calm her down is Utsutsu's flesh.
    Source: Manga / Pupa
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