Calm and Soothe


Calm verb - To free from distress or disturbance.
Usage example: the president's reassuring words did much to calm the public during the national emergency

Soothe is a synonym for calm in activity topic. In some cases you can use "Soothe" instead a verb "Calm", when it comes to topics like settle down, quiet, assuage, console. popular alternative

Nearby Words: calmness, calmed, calming, calmly


Soothe verb - To ease the grief or distress of.
Usage example: there seemed to be no words sufficient to soothe the bereaved parents

Calm is a synonym for soothe in settle down topic. You can use "Calm" instead a verb "Soothe", if it concerns topics such as comfort, assuage, pacify. popular alternative

Nearby Words: soothing, soother, sooth, soothingly

Common collocations

people calm people soothe people
children calm children soothe children
pain calm pain soothe pain
child calm child soothe child
Other words: nerves, beasts, animals.

Both words in one sentence

  • Real Men Hate Affection While the eponymous main character may appear as a your regular Ax-Crazy Blood Knight who lives to kill, deep down he really wants to be shown affection, especially from a woman who could soothe his damaged mind and calm his outbursts.
  • Series / Black Books The first episode had him in a white (hospital) robe, with long flowing hair (well, it's Bill Bailey) and an expression of serenity from swallowing The Little Book of Calm, giving him such an aura of calm that he can soothe dogs and car alarms with a wave of his hand.
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