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Cannon noun – A large artillery gun that is usually on wheels.
Weapons and cannon are semantically related In some cases you can use "Weapons" instead a noun "Cannon". popular alternative
Nearby Words: cannoned, cannoneer, cannoning
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Defintions of Weapons not found.
Cannon and weapons are semantically related in arm topic. You can use "Cannon" instead a noun "Weapons". popular alternative
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  • The Basilisks despite being a cannon with plating has to be using the secondary weapons if the weapon gets close despite the fact that the enemy warlord can be in front of the cannon.
  • Laser Blade In Teamo Supremo, Laser Pirate's main weapon is his laser hook, which can morph into other weapons, such as a laser blade and a laser cannon.
    Source: Laser Blade
  • Video Game / Transformers Universe Arm Cannon: How the Transformers hold their weapons (with the exception of melee weapons and gatling guns), they "transform" their arms into them.
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